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I'm a french Architect and architectural photographer based in Montpellier. 

I started photography in my early 16 and turned quite naturally to architectural photography throughout my time at University. After studying Architecture in Marseille, France, and while practicing as an architect, I felt the need to include my passion for photography in my career.


I quickly realized that my architect training was a major asset in mastering the composition, light, lines and forms in order to make a quality architecture photo. I decided to become professional photographer since then.

Today I am a freelance photographer, working mainly in the south of France and Europe.

I work with architects, interior designers, in the hotel industry, on behalf of project managers, real estate agents, shopping centers, stores, restaurants, reception venues or even as part of monitoring construction site.



My photographic approach consists, above all, in respecting the work and the vision of the architect while, nevertheless, bringing a new eye to it. Offer a different perspective and highlight the works through carefully composed and retouched shots. My training as an architect brought real added value to my work in the latter.


I try to create images that catch the eye, that use a simple graphic language and that best describe the spaces created.


The image management that I propose emphasizes a graphic aesthetic, taking care to take care of a balanced composition, working with images on several planes, playing with lines of force, materials, light ...


Light plays a particularly important role in exterior architectural photography and I work mainly with natural light to transcribe the most beautiful atmosphere of the building.

Would you like to know more about me? Here is a full interview published on APAlmanac.

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